WI Lend Program

Wisconsin Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities
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Developing leaders to improve services and supports for children with or at risk for neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Important Dates

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We are currently reapplying for LEND funding for 2021-2026.  We will be updating our website after we receive information on our application.

Featured Graduate

Abby Tessman Featured Student

Abby Tessmann is a 2014 self-advocate WI LEND graduate. Abby has taken the policy and leadership skills she learned in LEND to the local, state and national levels, advocating for disability rights. Abby meets regularly with legislators to tell her story. She uses her social media presence to inform the public of upcoming disability advocacy events. Abby is a graduate of the Cutting-Edge Program at Edgewood College. The WI-LEND program provided Abby the opportunity to discover her passion for disability policy and advocacy. Abby continues to contribute to LEND through participation in panel discussions.
Stay up-to-date on disability advocacy at Abby’s Facebook page!

What’s New

Kali A. Kramolis smiling wearing glasses.WI-LEND Public Health trainee Kali A. Kramolis and Robert A. Peterson Jr. of the Madison-based ABC for Health recently published “Robert A. Peterson Jr. and Kali A. Kramolis: Valuable child health care program is flying under the radar” in The Cap Times. HealthCheck is a federal Medicaid program that can provide critical preventive healthcare to Wisconsin children, but it is underutilized. “Historically, Wisconsin consistently fails to address and serve the health care needs of many vulnerable children. We can and must do better. And we will. That is why we are creating an action plan to help Wisconsin’s children.” The HealthCheck Task Force is developing accessible outreach to help ensure everyone is aware of this vital program. Click here for the full article and information on how you can help.


Wisconsin LEND participated with our partner MCH-funded training programs at UW-Madison, the Pediatric Pulmonary Center (PPC) and at UW-Milwaukee, the MCH Pipeline training program, in a Diversity Health Equity Learning Collaborative in 2017. The mission statement from the Wisconsin group is: “To create an integrated WI system that prioritizes diversity within and across WI MCH training programs to ensure (1) that trainees from diverse backgrounds are identified and recruited at all levels, including actively bridging the transition between undergraduate and graduate training programs, and (2) that trainees, graduates, families, community members, and other relevant MCH stakeholders from diverse backgrounds across all training programs are represented for integrated planning to achieve a WI MCH training community that is built by all so that it can be for all.” For more information, WI MCH Programs Team Up to Increase Diversity (WI UCEDD/LEND)

The link to the case study is a downloadable pdf : University of Wisconsin (Madison & Milwaukee) MCH Training Programs
The overarching page is:
Diversity in MCH Training Peer Learning Collaborative